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Charcoal Air Float
Charcoal Air Float
Charcoal Air Float

Charcoal Air Float

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Air float charcoal powder.  This is commercially made charcoal and the wood types are listed as "mixed hardwoods"


Charcoal finds widespread use in pyrotechnics.
Many types of charcoal exist, each with its own properties. The primary fuel source in black powder and various formulas. There are a variety of types of charcoal dependent on the source of the wood or fiber. The type of charcoal can have a dramatic impact on the quality and performance of the black powder. It is a complex organic substance containing moisture, ash, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a variety of volatiles. All of these elements have a vital use in fireworks. Charcoal made from willow or grapevine is considered great for black powder, while paulownia and pine charcoal are commonly used for spark effects. The particle size and the process used to make the charcoal also play an important role in the quality of the charcoal for a specific purpose. Very fine charcoal floats in air and is therefore sometimes referred to as 'airfloat'.
Hazard class 4.1 (flammable solid) can not ship with any other hazard class.

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