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Sulfur powder (S)
Sulfur powder (S)
Sulfur powder (S)

Sulfur powder (S)

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Yellow sulfur powder.  Low acid rubbermakers sulfur is essential for the manufacture of black powder and just about any charcoal / nitrate star formula.

Bulk pricing available. Please call for quote.

At room temperature, sulfur is a soft bright yellow solid. Although sulfur is blamed for the smell—, e.g. of rotten eggs— elemental sulfur has only the faintest odor (the odor associated with rotten eggs is actually due to hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur compounds). It burns with a blue flame that emits sulfur dioxide, notable for its peculiar suffocating odor. Sulfur is insoluble in water but soluble in carbon disulfide and to a lesser extent in other organic solvents such as benzene. Common oxidation states of sulfur include −2, +2, +4 and +6. Sulfur forms stable compounds with all elements except the noble gases.

One of the basic ingredients for many fireworks.  Sulphur and chlorates or phosphorous are extremely shock and friction sensitive and should be avoided. Used primarily with nitrates. Sulfur has always been used extensively in pyrotechnics. It serves as a fuel, and reduces the ignition temperature of mixtures. It also tends to increase the burning rate and friction or shock sensitivity of most mixtures.

Sulfur can increase the sensitivity of some mixtures, especially those based on chlorate or perchlorate oxidizers. Mixtures of chlorates and sulfur are also known to ignite spontaneously and should therefore be avoided at all times . Mixtures of perchlorates and sulfur are less likely to ignite spontaneously but are still very sensitive and need to be treated with extreme caution. Burning sulfur produces sulfur dioxide gas, inhalation of which should be avoided because it is extremely poisonous.

Hazard class 4.1 (flammable solid) can not ship with any other hazard class.

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